Our Approach

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Kickoff / Brief:

It starts with your need! Your need is at the forefront of our ideas. Got a brief template that works or need ours? We are fluent in all briefing languages.

Here’s what we know so far – you are doing great work! From air quality, water quality, Radon testing and limiting hazardous and/or chemicals from people’s home. Your projects put Canadians’ health and wellness first. ou have a lot to say and we know that you will have new information, updates and different areas of interest as we forge ahead. We believe in immersing ourselves in everything that you are doing. With our partnership, you get a dedicated team consisting of an Account Manager, Project Manager, Designer and Creative lead. We will become part of our rmg family and a welcomed name in your inbox.

We believe that your success is our success. Success comes from a strong and stable foundation. Success comes from knowing who you are, where you are now and where you are going.

Proposal Development: the where’s, when’s, why’s and how’s of your initiatives.

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Marketing Concept & Strategy:

The rmg approach is a long-term, forward-looking one, with an overall game plan of your organization’s business with the fundamental goal of achieving results!

Strategies are created to define how we will achieve your goals. We conduct an analysis of your initiatives to springboard off of and benchmark success.

As we move ahead, we bring marketing tools in tow to create connections between your organization and its target audience.

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Design & Branding:

Got a style guide? We’ll read it cover to cover and train our team in everything that embodies your brand hierarchy. Not there yet or in transition? Let our team of experts lend support.

We ensure that our creative studio knows your aesthetic, written and verbal likes and dislikes, to ensure what we develop is within your standards.

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Sometimes called brand engagement, these executions focus on building longer-term emotional connections with your audience.

Direct-response engagement focuses on generating immediate, measurable interactions.

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Experiential Marketing:

Engagement marketing that can be event-based, on foot, live, or a special event; it’s a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and encourages them to participate in an experience. It is a “warm” marketing tool versus a “cold” hard sell. It makes the audience feel like they are involved in your initiative, since sense of involvement inspires them to want to share.

Let’s bring this to life!

Where will we do it? Dependent upon the strategies in place, we may opt for a 360-degree, multiple touchpoint plan, momentum-based approach, geographic test market or blitz. Our inclusion will have consistency of voice, which allows them to be scaled up or down as the need arises.

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Brand Ambassadors:

Our BAs come with various areas of expertise, from generating interest to closing sales and food certification. They know the comfort of speaking to people in their mother tongue, and are trained in many languages from English, French, Ojibway, Mandarin and so many more. They are experts at using promotional strategies that strengthen relationships with your audience.

Known as a positive spokesperson and brand leader,
they’re a cheerleader to champion your messaging.

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Digital Experience:

Top and Mid Funnel focused content marketing, brand awareness, conversion-focused PPC, scalable influencer marketing, elevate social media channels, Ecommerce workflow, SEO/SEM – Paid Search, Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT), Contextual Targeting, Weather Targeting, Semantic Targeting, High Impact Ad Units, Dynamic Ads, Audio Ads, In-Store Tracking, Private Market Places (PMP), In-App Ads, 1st Person Data, 3rd Person Data, Geo-Radius Targeting, CPA/CPL optimization, strategy, Programmatic display/video, creative building and support capabilities.

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Be seen, heard and engage in events where people are looking for you the most. Participation in events within your exhibits space fills the role of being where your audience is:

Live: Trade shows, exhibitions and fairs are organized opportunities for companies to showcase their latest and greatest.

Virtual: From the comfort of your desk, we transition the live experience into an engaging place. Let your audience escape the ordinary and select experiences that defy the show floor.

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Retail Design/Interiors:

Have a space that needs to be fitted with your messaging? Or looking to create a pop-up shop or mobile trailer? We create environments that command attention. Our spaces fuse engagement tools from 3D models to games, video message and so much more!

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Video Production:

Capture your messaging by creating video content that can be shared, personally targeted and used as an education tool. For pre-production, production, and post-production, we work with you every step of the way to maximize and captivate your audience.

Behind the Curtains:

How do we make things happen? Our team of experts ensures that day-to-day tasks are completed so you don’t get bogged down in the details. We anticipate your needs across the following areas:

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Project Management:

Your Project Manager is your project whisperer, steering every milestone.

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Work Plan & Scheduling:

A master plan, a bird’s-eye view for you to reference key deliverables.

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Documentation & Communication:

led by the Project Manager, they chaperone and share all documents and approvals.

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Distribution Resources:

Leave the details to us! We store, sort, count, kit and distribute all materials across all programs.

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Networking & Outreach:

We leverage our client base and contacts to get the most value out of your activation; we form relationships in local communities so our presence is welcomed.

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Training Resources:

We train all our team members in your goals; we practice and dry run until our messaging is natural and seamless.

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Promotional Resources:

By foot, inbox, phone and mail, we ensure the communities we activate within are already fond of you; we believe in the power of keepsakes (promotional items) as a fond reminder of your message and the time spent with your brand.

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That’s a wrap!

We take a moment to pause, look back and evaluate our work:

We reflect on what has worked, what can be improved and what new opportunities exist.

We create a post-performance report for your viewing pleasure that you can leverage for your internal evaluations.

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