Experiential Marketing

What is experiential marketing?

Put simply, experiential marketing is a channel of marketing that builds brand awareness through face-to-face experiences with consumers. It includes not only the live event itself, but everything leading up to and coming out of the experience. At its core, it’s about humanizing your brand and delivering your message through live, immersive interactions. It engages all five senses, sparks emotion, and creates lasting memories that can propel brand loyalty. This can include an event, part of an event, or a standalone pop-up activation—one that leaves a positive brand impression and inspires people to share with their friends both online and off. 

 Proven to boost ROI, experiential marketing is an opportunity to think big, push the boundaries of creativity, and gain invaluable consumer insights. Our talented designers are backed by a knowledgeable management team that uses a strategy-led approach to tell your brand story clearly and meaningfully. Tactful touchpoints are integrated throughout each activation to engage participants in extraordinary ways. Then we generate social content to amplify your campaign across various media channels and achieve the boost in brand equity you’re aiming for. It is essential to the 360-degree omnichannel brand experience.


How does experiential marketing work?

From temporary installations and digital signs, to portable displays and modular trade show booths, creating a brand campaign means a lot of moving parts. The in-house process at rmg is seamless, encompassing ideation, design, production, digital technology, and event staff. To create memorable, personal interactions with your brand, experiential marketing usually materializes in three ways:

    rmg Brand Staff

    A live, branded event

    Here, the focus is on engaging people offline, in the real world. Your brand speaks directly to the consumer one-on-one (or a handful), which increases product trial and word of mouth.


    A brand presence

    To earn attribution with less of an actual physical interaction with consumers, create a brand presence at an offline, live event. An example of this would be to have your brand sponsor an event with logo placement.

    A curated experience

    An experience created for just a few people, with the goal being to craft content that can scale engagement by sharing through social distribution or advertising. This type of more intimate, intentional experience transforms into above-the-line advertising that can engage the masses.

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