Brand Ambassadors 

We connect your brand to people through feel-good experiences that engage the senses.

rmg’s Brand Ambassadors, or BAs as they’re lovingly known, embody a brand and mindfully convey its values at all times. For both live and online events, our BAs are ready to apply their unique skillsets whenever and wherever you need them.

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Networking & Outreach: 

Our team is all-encompassing: emcees, team leaders, samplers, models, food and beverage demonstrators, photographers, videographers, experience architects, production assistants, technical support staff, and more. Each lends their talents to support meaningful engagement that tells the story of your brand.

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Training Resources:

We train all our team members in your goals; we practice and dry run until our messaging is natural and seamless. Our instructors are experts at using promotional strategies that strengthen relationships with your audience.

BAs are specifically trained to generate excitement, offer insights and ensure a positive brand experience. In the busy marketplace, sensory overload can make it a challenge to capture attention; a solid team of BAs can make all the difference in exposing your brand to the right audience, to not only capture attention, but keep it and create a memorable experience.

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